Best way to build a wall around town?

So I’m attempting my first game on hard mode and I realize that I want to wall my town in ASAP. But I’m a bit befuddled on how to do this in the building editor. At first I figured I’d just build a large ‘ring’ building around the town center, about 7 tiles wide, but when I attempt to add walls it only places walls on the ‘inside’ of the ring. My second attempt involved building a ‘C’ shaped building but now I can’t place the walls at all. How have other budding castellans built their fortifications?


One thing that can work, depending on the size of your town is to lay a square ring of foundation with no roof and an empty center and grow walls on it; the game will interpret the outer edge as the exterior walls of the same “building”. don’t roof it over.

See attached: (96.6 KB)

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Find helpful terrain so you do not have to make all the walls at once. I usually try and find a clear space near several rock formations then wall off the various entrances till it is all walled. Controlling where the attacks come from is just as useful as eliminating them.

question: does kobolds’ arrows still ghost through walls? especially with this kind of build?

I haven’t used that yet in the current build but I imagine it would have the same bugs as any other walls.