Best map but game crashed

Alas, I had the best map. A temperate forest one with a lake with an island. Four near-by bunny statues.

The game crashed before I saved it and sadly I cannot remember the seed.

I was trying to make a mineshaft directly downwards and had mined the first 4x4x4 block. A couple hearthlings were standing in the bottom. I attempted to use the mining tool to mine another 4x4x4 block downwards, but the game halted and then crashed. I forgot to save the stonehearth.log.

Also, can anyone tell me what the star thoughts mean?

Blue star means ugly environment. In your case, it is caused by all the items in the floor. Yellow means good, and more stars mean even better, up to 4 stars.

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Or even worse in the case of a blue star. I was trying to figure out why my hearthlings hated my store room originally. They are so picky now :smiley:

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Which version was this, @illdred? And which mods were you using?
It’ll be difficult to repro that crash, but I’d like to know if the mods might be causing it :confused:

I am sorry. I was a bad beta tester that day. I forgot to save the stonehearth.log and there was no error message dialog, so I knew I could not make an effective bug report (I don’t think I put the original post in the bug report section).

The version would be which ever was the current unstable branch on December 17th. Very shortly after Appeal was introduced.

I think that the crash may be related to using the mining tool accidentally on a hearthling. They were several of them in the pit and I tried to click the ground, but very likely missed and clicked a person.

If it happens again, I promise I will save the log and submit a proper bug report with full details, @Relyss.


I did see some weird random crashes like this in one of our internal branches, but they shouldn’t be in the release branch. Hopefully it doesn’t happen in the current unstable. :thinking:

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