Behaviour: footman not taking cover during sandstorm

Unsure whether this is a bug or defiant behaviour. Using Rayya’s children, during a sandstorm if the alarm is sounded, the footman will not go to a safety flag or the town flag with the other hearthlings.


  • Will happen whether their job is checked or unchecked in the Citizens pane.
  • Will happen whether they are in combat or not, or while patrolling.



Yea, soldiers ignore town alert. That is by design, as they are supposed to be fighting. Once you get a cleric it won’t be as big a problem. You can select him and tell him to move some where manually for now.

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Yeah, my footmen decided to get on top of the mountain I built my town on, which was the one place they could get hit by the sandstorm.

Like, the sandstorm headed our way, they were already sheltered, I fired a town alert to make sure my farmers/etc. came back up to take shelter, and my footmen started climbing up the ladder to the top of the mountain just before the sandstorm hit at that point, just so they could take damage.


I love those sand storms though. I think they are really neat. Makes it really feel like an epic nomadic desert.