(Behaviour) A poyo followed me to bed

A poyo (well cared for from the pasture) followed my Shepherd to his bed. While he’s sleeping the poyo is dancing around on the bed. It is so cute. I was wondering if this was intended behaviour? Especially as the poyo wandered back to pasture in the morning.

22.5 r761 (x64)


Hi there @Sereneryo! Welcome to discourse :smile:.

I could only imagine :blush:

Hmmm… the new update makes it so that pets will accompany their owners when they go to sleep, and the pets themselves will sleep beside them.

Maybe the bug is related to that? Since the shepherd is like “pet owner” :confused:

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I’d consider this an unexpected emergent behavior, not a bug because it Keeps it Cute™.


Agreed :grin:! I now decline my previous usage of the word “bug”.

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