Niggling Pet Bed Bugs


Just a minor niggle. Pets tend to sleep in the far corner of the bed. They also seem unable to leave the bed and end up sleeping a lot.

Expected result would be pets sleeping in the comfy part of the bed, in the center (I assure you corners are far from comfortable) and leaving the bed to run in circles as per normal.

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Probably an allignment issue. Is this the case with small/medoum/large?


Could you please specify which bed was it? I’m not at the pc right now to test but it is probably an issue with specific beds :slight_smile:

Also, if the animal is a fox, they do lie down against the corner :frowning: Unfortunately that is because of their animation being offset and moving them to the center would in turn move all other animals to the corner :frowning:


my cat would disagree. everywhere is the center of the bed.