Bad enemy spawn location thread

As far as I understood one of the Tuesday videos about A15, the enemies should only spawn outside the convex hull of your total settlement. I remember that mining areas and buildings were mentioned to affect this convex hull, but do placed items count, too? I came across something, that I assumed should not be possible.

Please note my placed fences and braziers. My settlement is to the right of this view, though goblins spawned basically right on my fence, undead inside what I declared to be my land:

Still same situation, just more zoomed out. In the bottom right you can see my furthest building, on the terrace steps above (but on a similar distance) are the furthest of my streets (which are also considered as buildings).

This is the same area, but actually the night after. A new batch of undead spawned across the terrace steps (one skeletton can be seen on top, next to the green attack marker, some more zombies spawned in the forest below, near the red marker, but already started their attack on my village).

This was release-549 (x64) on Steam, Windows 10 x64, no mods.

hmm… i’m not sure if player placed items affect the spawn area, as they weren’t mentioned in the DT… so i’m going to page @Albert to see if he can shed some light on this.

correct. Albert will validate of course, but placed items are not considered buildings. And as I understand it, only buildings, farms and stockpiles are used in the calculation.


Buildings, roads, walls, and some zones (farms, stockpiles, and pastures, but NOT mining or trapping zones) will mark territory. Placed items do not mark territory either. I overlooked fences which you’d expect to behave like walls.

Thanks for pointing this out!


I was actually wanting to ask one thing. Do free block structures count towards marking territory the same as houses, free standing walls or roads? And Is there a minimum amount of free blocks per structure for it to mark territory and how many? (I hope so, otherwise it would be too easy to just “plant” single blocks everywhere to claim a lot of land quickly ).

Have fun, Kyth.

Okay then explain this spawn lol

He spawned in the house


Fear the Alligator !!! Run forrest ! Funny to spawn in a house (^-^)

So enemies can still spawn in large, widespread mines, unless you lead a road directly into them (and that behavior is expected)? I had some golems spawn in one of my outskirt mines (I took a screenshot, too, but don’t have it available on this PC). Do “tunnel doors” count as territory marker, or is there any other way to protect your mines from being overrun?

Enemies should not spawn underground. No placed items currently mark territory.

Yes, anything constructed is currently classified as a building - including slabs. We don’t consider size yet, so if you know the rules you can game the system right now.

Love your work, Kythandra!

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@micheal_handy76_mh: Yeah,[quote=“micheal_handy76_mh, post:6, topic:21322, full:true”]
He spawned in the house

That looks like a bug. Do you have the save game or a top down screenshot of your entire town?

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I overlooked fences which you’d expect to behave like walls.

So will this be fixed? Or was this intended?

As you can see in this sliced overview, the entlings spawned in my “mud cave”… There’s another layer of regular ground over what can be seen here, so I assume, this should have been “underground”? Or does this have to mean “below ground level” or “in stone”, then I guess it’s still correct.

A15, Steam stable, rel-549 (x64) on Win10.

It’s on our list to fix.


This should be fixed in the patch after develop-2951. Thanks to all for pointing this out!