Autonomous Crickets not recognizing new stockpile

Whenever I took my crickets with me for re-embarkation I placed it out right as i started.
Problem is as I started getting new resources I had no stockpile for those, when I made the stockpile the Cricket does not recognize it needs to haul items to this stockpile causing it to idle. If you redeploy it it will fix it, but its kinda tedious.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get Cricket
  2. Have some resource not being stored in a stockpile but onground in the world where the cricket can get it.
  3. Create stockpile to contain that resource.

Expected Results:
Cricket will start hauling this new resource into your stockpile
Actual Results:
Cricket idles even though there are things to haul.
Happens at all speeds with 5 hearthlings or 20
Version Number and Mods in use:

Does this also happen for hearthlings in your save?

Nope, just the autonomous crickets

Thanks, we’ll look into this!


Had similar problems with the first two crickets I got from a passing explorer. I put them on the ground, lots of goods to haul, empty space in the crates I had created for ores (mined, but not yet able to use) and for the longest time the crickets just idled around. Also ignored harvested wild plants, logs.

Eventually I started digging a new mine shaft and suddenly they started to activate and disappeared into the mine entrance, and began hauling the (approx 300) blocks of ore that had been sitting on the ground in there.

Considering I am new to the game, I may have missed some mechanism that I don’t know about yet, but, on the other hand …