Auto-built ladder not auto-removed (sometimes)

Auto-Built Ladders sometimes not removed properly.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place a fence near a cliff (I used next to lake).
  2. Tell a worker to move the fence.
  3. While the worker is moving the fence, have an idle worker nearby.
  4. When moving the fence (possibly other items), a ladder will sometimes be queued, even though it doesn’t matter.
  5. If a nearby idle worker starts building the ladder, possibly requiring him not finishing, the ladder then cannot be removed.

Expected Results:
Ladder is automatically removed.

Actual Results:
Ladder is not removed until a worker has access to the bottom of where the ladder would have been built to.
If a ladder is built to the bottom of the lake, the ladder does get removed automatically, so as noted below, the bug is not auto-removing from the top of the ladder.

Notes: (4.8 MB)


Version Number and Mods in use:
No Mods

System Information:
High Powered/Irrelevant

Edit: Clarification and upload of save.

click it
type ctrl c
type destroy
press enter

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had the issue before just hearthlings like to autobuilt ladders from the bottom so they need access to the bottom of the ladder just build a ladder to the bottom of the lake and it should be cleared out

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Sorry. I forgot to mention, I knew how to fix via the console. Thanks though.

Also, all similar posts seemed to be marked resolved years ago and slightly different. Feel free to merge into a relevant post, but I couldn’t find one.

actually did u try and just build a ladder into the lake, could the pathfinder not get to it. Also see if u put a ladder in the lake then one next to the ladder too. see what happens

If you build an adjacent ladder, the AI does indeed find a path and remove ladder. Since the ladder is removed from the bottom, and not the side, I am guessing that the bug is this auto-built ladder (and others very easy to repro) can only be removed from the bottom. Normally ladders can also be removed from the top. Thanks for helping me clarify the bug.


So in reality, its and actual pathfinder builder bug. make sure u clarify that in ur bug report.

Original post clarified.

I don’t think it is necessarily a pathfinder bug since a worker was already at the location he needed to be. It is possible the bug is just not being able to remove from the top for (some) auto-built ladders.

true, but still pathfinder, i thnk the kinks in scaffolding and ladders = to pathfinding isnt fleshed out, ie not removing ladder from top, only from bottom