Select direction of ladder removal

Just a small feature I feel could vastly improve quality of life (and possibly save some Hearthling’s life one day) if implemented: the ability to force a ladder to be removed from top or from bottom.

As is, ladders can be placed from either direction, but workers will at the very least vastly prefer to remove a ladder from the bottom. As such, there’s no plausible way to remove unsightly ladders that may have been used to e.g. reach a flower or berry patch at a lower level of the map but that no longer has any practical use. All my attempts have resulted in a Hearthling getting stranded at the bottom of where the ladder once stood, and it seems kind of harsh to force someone to starve to death for doing their job. :wink:


Hopefully this option or something similar, like Hearthlings predicting paths back to the village once the ladder is removed, will be implemented soon.

In the meantime, if you click on a ladder, open up the console with the `/~ key, and type destroy, it automatically removes the ladder without using a hearthling. This way you can remove ladders that could cause hearthlings to get stuck


Yeah, I had this happen on water. I don’t want my hearthling to be left into the water, but since it’s he who removes the ladder, he gets the wood to place it again. It’s a neverending cycle if they don’t remove it from the top.