Assistance: Adding new classes post alpha 10

I have been putting off integrating the viking class for ages and now the world/code-base has moved on and I find myself completely unable to get it working. So this is a request for assistance from the floundering SS Norsehearth.

When I start my test world I keep getting

Engine Error:
norsehearth/jobs/warrior/warrior.luac:1: attempt to index upvalue ‘job_helper’ (a nil value)

This is in a popup window and doesn’t crash the game

I understand that warrior.luac is getting a nil value for job_helper when it is calling it during initialization what I don’t get is why. The code is the same as footman.luac and this work like a dream.

Any help much appreciated.



If you’re happy to send your code I can take a looksee.

I also sent you a PM with the likely fix :smile:

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Thank you so much.

Your solution worked like a charm and you have saved me from further hours of sitting in a corner in tears while Mrs. S tries to coax me out with slices Belgian beer ham and chocolate orange segments.

Ever in your debt,



Hmmm… I may have to call upon your expertiese once I attempt the Samurai class again. Had issues with it a few alphas ago, havn’t tried post alpha 10 yet though.

once again, proving your absolute awesomeness… :smile: :+1:

oh, how we’ve missed you, my good man… :laughing: