Error loading "job_info_controller.luac"

Hey discourse I get this error loading the latest steam version of the game

develop-2598 (x64)
c++ exception: Error loading “stonehearth/services/server/job/job_info_controller.luac”: std::logic_error: 'Error loading “stonehearth/components/workshop/craft_order_list.luac”: …tonehearth/components/workshop/craft_order_list.luac:10: attempt to call field ‘get_default_rng’ (a nil value)'
stack traceback:

Unusually when I start a new game My Expedition Roster is empty and when I go to embark I click down my “Settlement Flag” and nothing happens… Well something happens the flag goes down and then I can place another…and another…and another.

This can be closed…maybe. I did a total wipe and install and i’m able to play!!!

These random fixes…
I think I’ll tag as No Longer Applies since you did a wipe (in fact this is a ‘cannot reproduce’). We don’t know if other people had the same problem nor if it got fixed by other bug fixes on the new build. I won’t close it just in case.

Thanks for the follow up!

Ok. I’ll keep an eye out on it too ;p Not sure what caused the issue…don’t have any mods or anything…just running it through steam. Granted my steam version hadn’t updated since alpha 9 I think…so maybe there were a lot of changes shrugs

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Huh, I got the multiple flags issue on latest unstable. It’s like in the video on the other topic, the expedition roster doesn’t show any picture or info about the heartlings, and then it lets you place multiple banners but nothing happens.

The only thing that I noticed in the log was that it’s trying to load my locale (which I suppose it guessed out of the system’s language, because I selected English on the settings menu, still didn’t install any translations). :confused:

I’ll try again without mods, but I suspect that the locale issue will continue :confounded:

I am in 'Merica so maybe the locale is having an issue going from EN to EN


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:expressionless: *facepalm*
You bet, I have “en” on my user_settings yet it tries to load the “es” one, according to the log.

Well, I can’t seem to reproduce it again, so maybe it was related to mods in the end?