Alpha 8: Lua error after crafting upgradable equipment

Hey all, haven’t been on in a bit but I wanted to post this bug that seems to pop up when any new piece of gear (weapons, armor, clothes) is crafted. If I had to guess, would it be whatever function that tells the hearthlings an item in the stockpile is better than what they have? Assuming that made any sense…

I did see any similar topics but combine if I missed it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Promote to any job that can make upgraded gear (Blacksmith in my case)
  2. Create new gear (Longsword)
  3. Error will pop up upon successfully crafting the item.
    (Note) While this example is for blacksmith and footmen, I’ve had the same problem with weavers and new upgraded work clothes.


Versions and Mods: Alpha 8 - 64bit, no mods

System Information: Windows 7 x64, Intel core i7-2600k, 16GB Ram, GForce GTX 560 Ti

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