LUA error when equippables (clothes, weapons) go into stockpile

Hello. I’m playing the latest dev build of Stonehearth, and I’m encountering a consistent bug where my villagers go to place an equipable item like a shield, weapon, armor or clothing set down on a stockpile, and it gives out this strange null-reference lua error every time one is put down. Not only that, but I think as a result of the error, the villagers won’t pick up these items.

Additionally, I’ve found a bug where if a stockpile is lit by a light source at night underground, the game slows a bit and there’s this sudden… I dunno, lightning effect (shooting star looking things) that go across the screen when you’re looking at the stockpile, and ghost images of items that used to be in the stockpile overlap with the ones that are.

My system specs (which will change later today when my desktop parts get here)
Intel i7-2690QM @ 2.7gHz (3.0 gHz overclock)
8.0 GB RAM
4 GB AMD FirePro M8900 graphics

Hello the LUA error you spoke of is here [Con] Footmen don't equip weapons & armor

as for the spooky stockpile do you have a screenshot?


I do have a screenshot. However it doesn’t seem to have caught the weird particle effect - it’s pretty consistent, so I’ll keep trying to replicate it and get it on a shot. However, the effect is similar to when you force a pair of fence pieces to overlap eachother, and the bits get brighter where they touch.

thanks… :+1:

we’ll leave this report here to focus on the stockpile/lighting issue (as the other bug is captured in the link @DxC provided)…

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