Assertion Failed, halfway through loading screen


Game starts fine, but when I click Continue and starts loading, it crashes midway.



Versions and Mods:

Alpha 17, no mods.

System Information:

Windows 8.1, Intel® HD Graphics Family, Core i7-4510U, 8 gb RAM

Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here:

Yes, attempted installing drivers and looking for listed programs.


I guess my specs are at the lowest, but the game ran pretty smoothly until now. There were some lags especially during nighttime in-game, but overall the game was fine. Sorry if details are lacking, I’m not very good at making crash reports.

And thanks!

I’m having a similar problem, only it occurs when I launch the game.

Is it the exact same assertion error? Does this mean you can’t play at all?
Do you have any mods installed? We’ve been having quite a lot of crashes recently due to mods.

In @Charlemagne’s log there seems to be a reference about the savefile. It looks like it can’t be loaded, it might be corrupt or something (@Charlemagne, do you know if this savefile was made by you or by the autosave?).

I think I made the save file.