Are we done with updates for awhile?

Just wondering. I’ve gone as far with Alpha 9 as I can (various reasons that limit what I can do). If it’s going to be awhile, I go burn the midnight oil on some other forums. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I wouldn’t count on it… :wink:

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yeh any idea when it is? its normally tuesday, and there has been no new appart from the alpha ten multy story reveal

No need to burn the midnight oil… the forum has been pretty focused on just the game lately but I know from experience that everyone here loves a good discussion on any subject. Post some general stuff, talk about other games, and you’ll see this community contribute (It is pretty awesome like that)

We really could use some general discussion atm, which is kind of funny because most forums have the opposite issue.



@Tom throws up an new blog post (virtually) every Tuesday and (somehow) manages to stream every Tuesday and Thursday night… if anything, we’re a very informed community… :wink: