Where is our updates?

Just wondering where our updates have dissapeared to??? its been 3 weeks + right??? what happened to the weeklies?

@Barney324 they never promised or even mentioned a update schedule. They release updates as they make them. Some take a week some take a month.


So far they have been releasing an alpha a month, which is considered to be good, but expected in an Alpha stage of a game, seeing as there is less than a month’s worth of playable content, it is quite fun so far, but yeah the actual content runs out and just becomes building population and houses.

ok… i just naturally assumed because since jan-feb-march we have been getting updates at LEAST bi-weekly. sorry for my confusion

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you should be happy cuz you have to wait so long. long time=big update. so everything change in game, bugs disappear, new things :slight_smile:
waiting alpha 10


ok… now you should be able to see my confusion… every one agrees we are in alpha 9 right (because everyone is waiting for alpha 10…) how come the product page (the page which actually sends you to this discourse) shows alpha 8? (i mean i was on twitch when tom said hmmm… i really should update that page to show we are in alpha 9)

now can you see my confusion?

there is "alpha 9 release now available"
so what you mean?


The reason was that most of the content was already there, it was the final polishing of Alpha 9 after all. Now they’ll have to work on the features, which tend to take more time than some last minute bug fixing/polishing. It’s always quiet after a release for a bit and tends to get daily/bidaily updates when a new Alpha is about to become official. At least, that’s the game updates.

As for the blog, I suppose they forgot it for once. They shall be forgiven. But only this time.


They are currently working on Alpha 10. It is so buggy they can’t even release an unstable build yet, but i suspect one might be coming in a couple weeks…

sorry to the rest of you guys (i can be confusing too :stuck_out_tongue: ) what @RepeatPan was talking about is almost exactly what i was asking (even though i am talking about the game itself… although to a lesser extent)

sorry about that, i only slept for 2 hours and thank you @RepeatPan for being psychic

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