Archipelago mod problem

hi. I have the v 1.0 for Stonehearth and i downloaded the Archipelago biome mod, but, when i open the game i get an error screen and the game doesn’t load.
how i can solve it??


Stonehearth is currently at v1.1.0.949 on Steam (I’m not sure if all launchers are up to the same patch, but 1.1 is the main branch), so if you grabbed the latest Archipelago mod from the link in Bruno’s thread or any other then it won’t be compatible with v1.0 because the versions don’t match.

Are you playing through Steam, a stand-alone copy, Humble, etc? Wherever you purchased the game, you should be able to access the latest version there.

Can we see it?

hello. At the end i solved the problem when i installed the versione of stohehearth. thanks for your help

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