Archers/Clerics range becomes viewable

So… as of right now our little archers shoots at targets that they can see within a certain range, BUT we don’t know that range xD
It would be nice to have some kind of range template/area shown, when ever you:
-Have an archer selected and clicks “The Red Flag” within the combat command (If that makes sense)

This would make it easier to possition your archers in combat or setting them to guard an area.
Soo not a necessity, but on of those things that “would be nice to have”

Maybe also having it for the cleric’s healing range (and maybe some functions so you can make a cleric heal a specific hearthling/target)

Tell me what you think :slight_smile:


A range display would be very useful. Heck, even just a numerical stat on the character page would help in estimating range.


I think the ideal way to show this would be a shaded circle/sphere/cone when you click on the archer in question.

One big question I have is whether or not height adds to range (can an enemy be “out of range” if it’s straight down below the archer?)


maybe the strength stat could effect the hearthlings range,
a stronger hearthling would be able to draw the bow back further and give the arrow more momentum.

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Came here to post this myself just now. My suggestion was going to be when the game is in combat mode (combat music is playing) AND you have an archer selected, then you should have some graphical indicator of the archer’s range.

This way, if you’re just clicking on them during peace time, you’re not bothered by the range graphics. Though, to your point, for planning purposes it’d still be nice to have access to it, so maybe a new toggle on the party management buttons? @sdee?

Ive not even got archers yet but i know this would help big time!