An energy tonic that has gained self-awareness!

an energy tonic that has gained self-awareness!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. no clue it literally randomly happened.
  2. no freaking clue maybe build a structure and placing a potion on it while designing it as part of its plan?
  3. absolutely no freaking clue lol hope step 2 works?

Expected Results:
as stated, no freaking clue, all I know is it’s alive!

Actual Results:
read above
I have basically every currently supported mod installed excluding microworld.

Version Number and Mods in use:
release-737 absolute latest build.
Fencer in furniture and handrail
Spiros Gate Mod
City Planning Pegs mod
Piles Plus
Archipelago Biome
Better Stockpiles
Chabonits Mod
End Pieces
Stonehart Cafe
Fornjatr - Models Mod
Settlement Decor Mod
Slabs with Terrain colors
Home Sweet Home
Wizards Class Pack
Smart Crafter
Patrol Points
Locks Of Many Hair/Many Clothings
Hearthlings of many faces
Gold County Display
Finery Mod
Signery Mod
More Lights from Mel
Specialized Loadouts
Royal Mod
Minecart and rails
Great Coltini’s Great Mod
One handed iron Pike/Spear
wonderous Small Cart
Stonearth Doorways
Tree Stump Mod
Unit Frame Activity
DU Tracker
Unity Frame Health Mod
System Information:
ASUS Sabertooth R3.0 Mobo
ASUS GTX 960 4gb (i know weak sauce ;w;)
AMD FX 8350 (i know also weak sauce ;w;)
32gb RAM
Windows 10 (latest build? probably does this part even matter lol?)


Utterly irrelevant to the bug itself but it is hilarious that right after it runs by the hearthlings talk about it.


Okay, I think this tops Hearthlings sitting on top of birdbaths and dying to weresheep as my new favorite Stonehearth bug ever. And it might be an even harder one to fix, because you were probably pretty lucky to accidentally trigger it while recording.

If I had to guess, it almost looks like it’s being carried the whole time but the graphics aren’t lining up? [Notably it doesn’t have a traced path, so I don’t think it’s executing AI itself? Or at least not Hearthling AI?] I’ll leave it to the team to find out what’s actually going on, though.

Hey @Kitkat_Matt, is this supposed to be a bug report, because it’s currently in the #modding category?

Oh snap yeah I thought I had selected bug reports lol

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No worries, easy fix :smiley:

It’s going to be hard to debug with all the mods, but any chance you have a save file from before the tonic gained self-awareness?

welllll unfortunately, i overwrote the save that had the POTION OF SELF-AWARENESS!! lol but it’s the same city so maybe it’ll appear again? should I upload the save regardless?

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YASSS I FOUND THAT HILARIOUS TOO!!! LMAO i was like this is sooooooooo meta hahahahah

Wait for one of the devs to confirm if the save would be useful or not. Perhaps @max99x can answer.

ACTUALLY, my good sir, I wasn’t lucky to have recorded it. I spotted it, immediately PAUSED THE GAME, opened up OBS and was like MUST RECORD AND SHARE!! lmao

yas sir!


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I think @coasterspaul’s guess about the potion being attached to a hearthling (the girl with the ponytail) but being at the wrong offset seems almost certainly correct - notice how it follows her trajectory. Not sure how it can get into that state. A savegame might be useful to reproduce it, but other than that, we’ll keep an eye out for it.

well here’s the thing. the potion made a return a minute or two later. I don’t recall seeing it following the path of any hearthling specifically when it came back. in fact, it just kept going back into the mine I was creating and coming back up lol. it would disappear as soon as it went into the mine tho.