Amnesia Settler

This is an idea I was pondering which concerns a new settler mechanic. As it is we get passing traders, caravans, and settlers joining our group some of them with various professions.

So what if a person with Amnesia stumbled upon your little outpost in the world? These people would ask you to let them stay and they will work until they remember… suffice to say you allow them to join… their name would obviously be something like “??? ???” and they would just be a general worker for the time being.

At a certain point they can say that they give up… and ask the village to name them and assign a profession. However if you encourage them to just wait it out… eventually they could snap out of it and regain their memory. They would have a name and a profession, but additionally the profession could possibly be something unusual… such as magma smith or geomancer. I’m thinking that this could serve as a way to possibly get those special classes without having to do anything special - but the outcome is ultimately a dice roll… you may get your third farmer, or seventh carpenter.

Just another one of suggestive ramblings…

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Maybe theywere actually a sociopath and secretly terrorize your town… just a suggestion.

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Actually the Risk vs Reward ambiguity is a really good idea. They could be a Goblin Spy! :open_mouth:


@naturalnuke I don’t think people “remember” they were a sociopath and terrorize your town, or do it because they know they are one…

I do think a mentally unstable person should join your town, with no relational memory. As they slowly regain their memories, their personality will slowly morph both based on random variables and on the town’s net worth/settler happiness. If they end up doing well, they will be assigned a rare profession, but if they do not do well, they will start to have the qualities of a schizophrenic* and will eventually go on a killing spree.

Either way, their “mind” attribute will stay a 1, no matter what.

*see Newf

This would be nice. It would also add some suspense if one of these amnesic settlers remembered that they were some sort of thief or something bad, or it could make the whole mechanic more exciting if one of these amnesic settlers were to be a magma smith, geomancer, etc.

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Maybe he’s a kleptomaniac or has some terminal disease he doesn’t remember about?

Or said amnesiac settler could have nightmares/visions of his past that lead him to go insane and kill everyone…

And you unwittingly let in someone who then spreads the disease all over your town!!!

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