Amnaa's Botanical Garden


My favorites are the two red flowered varieties and the pampas grass, but all your work is gorgeous,

Here’s hoping that someone puts them into a mod. :wink:


Someone is already working on it :jubilant: It’s just a lot more fun to create content than to code it. I’ll actually have some free time tomorrow, so I guess things might get done :merry:


Just so you know, I really didn’t mean you @Amnaa! :smiley: I was thinking of at least 3 other modders who’ve added cool plants to their mods and/or biomes.

Oooh, not that I’d mind a new mod with these. :blush:


I guess I could collab with somebody one day :merry: I don’t think making biomes would be easy for me, but there probably are people who want to make biomes but don’t feel confident about their plant making skills.

I’ve even made a new workshop for the herbalist so growing the plants would make more sense :jubilant:


Kalanchoe Humilis
Wow it’s so ugl… ug… unique…



Damn, these look wonderful! You’re definitely improving on each post :3
I love the Pampas Grass!

The name sounds as if its something from southern Brazil/South America (there’s a region called “The Pampas” there) - is it?


It is from South America :merry:

I started at a level that is very close to the simplicity of SH. I’m just a little worried that the new plants won’t fit well in the game :glum:


They will :merry:
Simplicity works fine for the lack of variety - but if you look at more recent additions like the cactus tulips and such, there’s an increasing level of detail.

Perhaps you could tone down the shading a bit (for SH purposes) but the models are wonderful, I’m sure they would fit in :slight_smile:


Butterfly Kalanchoe
The prettier cousin :jubilant:


… ok… never thought i would ever want to make a greenhouse in this game… it’s yoooooooooooour fault @Amnaa :scream::scream::scream: hahahhahaha


I accept all the blame :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: No trial needed :smiley:


Tried to make the Angel’s trumpets plant. And I did try multiple times :jubilant: Did it work :thinking:


Sorry if it sounds a bit like advertisement, but greenhouses are actually a planned update for my Glassworks mod - so your dream might come true sooner than you expect :blush:

I’ll make sure it works nicely with @Amnaa 's plants when they come out :merry:


you know… i was thinking about telling you to try to make them… hahahahahahhahaha

i’ll be waiting for both mods :stuck_out_tongue:


Angel’s trumpets… you beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:~!

It looks amazing and it works! If there is something that I would want to be changed in the model is to tone some leaf details down a bit. But it’s just my opinion, anyways amazing job!!!


I’m not sorry :smiley:

This plant actually exists. They’ve named it Doll’s Eye. How do you like my skull pot? :smiley:


ok… nature what are you doing?
looks great yet somehow creepy hahaha


If someone ever makes an alchemist, this should totally drop eyeballs when harvested XD


Lol, do you think that plant has eyes? Type “guarana plant” in google.
It is a plant used to make sodas here in brazil.


And now I need to bring a flamethrower with me if I ever go to Brazil. “HANZ, GET THE FLAMMENWERFER”