Amazing fan made Middle Earth compilation

I just saw this video, I hope very impressed. Especially because most fan made compilations are…lacking…to say the least. This really brought out the epicness of Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. Even if you didn’t watch the movies/read the books it caters to the imagination very well. Enjoy.


Awesome. Can’t wait for the next movie which is going to be 3 hours of 1 battle, SO AWESOME!!!

why does that feel so sarcastic…

I dunno. Maybe I shouldn’t have said awesome twice.

It certainly could be read as snarky or sarcastic, yes. This is @Newf though, so take it literally instead :smiley: .

Anyway, nice video :slight_smile: .

They haven’t killed Smaug yet, so I estimate at least 45 minutes will be in Esgaroth, then another hour and a half of negotiations and sneaking into elf camps. So in all I can’t imagine more than 45 minutes of the actual Battle of Five Armies.


You ruined the last LOTR universe movie until they make movies out of the Silmarillion…

They aren’t making a Silmarillion movie. The Tolkien Foundation is keeping it from being turned into a movie.

It’s kind of like the Middle Earth Bible. Perhaps they could put one of the stories on the big screen, but the whole thing would be confusing and ridiculous.

I would think they would make a movie out of one of the stories too.

Can you imagine the budget just for the list of lead actors? I mean, how many human heroes are there in it again?


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There was talk of making a movie about the Horus Heresy once. That’s 18 actors just for the Primarchs, let alone the Emperor, captains, etc.

Yeah even if they tried they couldn’t make the silmarillion into a movie, it just isn’t that kind of book.

Well, I must say it wouldn’t be as hard as I initially thought. As long as they handpicked several stories from it and made each a movie or two, they could get quite a bit of information and action on the big screen.

What your saying was true if you wanted to make an action movie, and in that I stand corrected. However the essence of the book (Tolkien’s middle earth’s history) could not be effectively captivated in a movie.

Yeah. But from what I know from the Middle-Earth franchise, they would just settle for an action movie.

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