[Alpha 8] Ghostly Rendering

When reducing the window and re-enlarging it, it happened that the rendering was not complete… like a ghostly view of the world.


Ooo Pretty, but did it clear or form after awhile?

Stonehearth 4: The Matrix!

I sorta like it… but yeah, I can see where this might concern you… :smile:

you can consistently reproduce the steps that lead to this? can you provide the specific build number?

thanks! :+1:


It went back normal after I re-reduced it and re-enlarged it again!
It is build 205

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I had similar problems when I used the new fancy graphics setting. It worked fine on my machine after I turned fancy graphics off.


I see the world like this everyday, what’s the deal?

ontopic: Thanks for the report :slight_smile:

lol To funny, thanks for the chuckle!