Alpha 23 lands on steam stable!


Hey everyone, welcome to Alpha 23! This alpha is about making objects in the world appealing to hearthlings, so that they can finally appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into making them fancy dressers and beautiful rugs. It also includes a systematic update to our AI, improvements to our crafting and hauling systems in the form of prioritized input and output bins, a new fine item system, updates to the unit frame, water updates that enable water parks, facial animations and updated combat animations, and some of the foundational infrastructure changes required for multiplayer, though multiplayer itself will not be playable in this alpha. Let’s get to it!

Also I would love to hear the artists thoughts on this latest splash screen. Thanks!


That splash screen… that crying person with the pillow… for some reason I imagine he/she is trying to murder those chickens (poyos) with that pillow.

  • appeal
  • new fine item system
  • supply shelves and output bins (with priorities)
  • Structural AI inprovement
  • Structural water improvements
  • Structural MP imporvements
  • face and combat animations
  • pet stuff (I think)

This is a full alpha, delicious. :smile:

P.S. Now it’s just waiting until it comes to humble bundle.


I don’t know what happened since I play the latest steam version, but Avast deleted several game files this morning when I was playing my game. I had to re-download the game and tell Avast to not touch the game files. I lost my game save, so people should be aware that Avast is marking the game files as bad and deleting them.


Since HB doesn’t have an auto-updater, we want it to marinate on steam for a week or so first in case there’s any weirdness.

Avast deleted several game files this morning when I was playing my game

Arr. I whitelisted it on Symantec, but if you have Avast, please send them a false positive report.


Ah, so that’s why it often takes a while before I can download the new version. Thanks for clarifying. :smile:

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Done. Please answer my questions. Thank you.

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You mean your thread named “questions for sdee”? Tip: if you talk about other threads you want other forum users to see, reference them. This way, people know what you are talking about. :smiley:


Yes, that’s the one I meant. Thank you.

i thought exactly the same thing, but it looks like the motherpoyo is quite ready to protect the chick :smile:


“Shhh. No more corn now, only dreams.”


If you look closely you see the chick and the poyo sleeping, so what’s probably really happening is that the hearthling is sad that she is going to need to wake them up and get them off the bed, if she wants to sleep herself. She doesn’t want to do this, but she also wants to sleep.

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This is just… just… I am so touched…

Marvellous. Crafting revamp is much better than I expected.

Was building inadvertently broken during one of the alphas? Some of my buildings can’t complete anymore. Also, I love the inventory updated but can you add a space for cooked foods and animal food as well?