Alpha 24+: The Alpha To End All Alphas


Hello, Alpha 24+! In January of 2018,Team Stonehearth decided to dramatically parallelize our workflow. This let smaller sub-teams work efficiently on many projects at once, with the end result being about six alphas’ worth of features delivered in a much longer-than-usual set of release notes.


Definitely read all the notes but I want to make sure you guys see this here at the bottom:

As we mentioned in the modding section above, we believe that Stonehearth is now engine complete: a sufficient number of the game’s core features (core AI, building, crafting, combat, multiplayer, and top-to-bottom moddability) are now in a sufficiently stable place to enable full-on modding and content creation. Alpha 24+ is, therefore, the last Alpha release, and future releases to our unstable branch will be named “Beta” releases. To make bug fixing and performance work more efficient, we will not guarantee backwards compatibility between saves from Beta versions of the game and Alpha versions of the game. If you’re very attached to saves from A24+ and earlier alphas, you may want to save a copy of this version of the game to a separate place on your computer so you can continue to access and play with it as we update the build going forward. We will also create a Last Alpha branch so you can retain access through to this build through Steam.


Best birthday present I got this year ;). Thanks for all your hard work guys! See you in tonight’s stream!




Congrats on 24+ making it into the wild!



I hope this build also involve fixes for hearthlings being stuck on walls while building houses and slowly starving.

While it can be easily fixed by adding a ladder, It’s both frequent enough and severe enough that reviews will argue that building is still broken.
I do think you are inviting a lot of unnecessary criticism unless it’s fixed before releasing a stable version.

I think a hack like this would go a long way: I have no tasks that I can complete, let’s see if I can reach a hearth. If not, try adding a ladder to make it reachable.


Congratulations on entering beta.

There is an obviously outstanding major stretch goal, any chance of news on that please?


This, especially the ladder hack, though I would recommend a “is no one following me down? Remove ladder behind me”


Happy birthday :p?


This is just great news and I am so happy for you :slight_smile:
But I do not want to spoil the party, but as I would not be the only one asking this question anyway I thought well lets just be the first one.
@sdee, with the end of engine-complete and the start of content creation, you also understand this as a part on your side?
Or to be more direct, are we now going to see future content releases with all the work Allie has done or is going to do(making the world livier, more atmosperic, explorable)
Right now, the game is for me still very “sandbox buildy” while the RPG side or the engagement with the world could still be more developed.

Do not understand me wrong, i am a backbacker since alpha1, and back then the screenshot of some hearthlings exploring a cave with a treasure and a skeletton is what caught my attention. I would love to have this sort of feelings in the game someday.


This is so great! i see before me the entire SH devteam marching down the road in a parade with trompets and drums, throwing confetti up in the air… Oh and in the back Chris come riding by, on a huge Varanus mount :rofl:

Good job on all of this and you really surpriced most of us with all of this content in such a short timeperiod :slight_smile:

Thank you team Stonehearth :heartpulse: :jubilant:


core features (core AI, …) are now in a sufficiently stable place

Are you sure about this? :slight_smile: So far there are problems when lings are more than 12 or 15


Thank you team Stonehearth and thank you everybody who comes to hang out here at Discourse! Also, good job not turning this thread into a “oh no, this is the end of SH, we’re all doomed!” kind of discussion :jubilant: I’m looking forward to what’s next :merry:


So Alpha 29 is now on Steam Stable?


Probably it means A24+ contains the designed features from A25 to A29. and then there goes Betas.

Well that’s only my understanding.


Left a comment at the KickStarter, thought they ought to know that the game was in beta.


Are unstables now going to be called betas? And the next stable version going to be a25?


Beta from now on it seems.


i still have to press “P” twice for placement.
Been buggy quiet a while

If you close the menu with the same hotkey and not escape it works tho but should work correctly with escape key also

First time pressing hotkey it only opens this

When it’s suppose to open this like it did in the past alphas


There flying hearthlings happens quiet a bit in latest release had about 4 times in few days