Alpha 24+: The Alpha To End All Alphas


Woohoo! Congratulations! :heart_eyes:
That being said, what’s the update for people who don’t use Steam (aka using Humblebundle)? Will A24 be released there? I’m honestly considering getting Steam just because of you guys (even if I’m not a fan of it).


About 3 posts up :wink:

Or, paraphrased here: the team will update 24+ to Humble Bundle once they’ve pushed the upcoming hotfix, so that they don’t have to push a buggy update and then manually replace it straight after. No date as yet.


Hi and Thanks!
I thought I read everything, but apparently I missed it :confused:. I’m looking forward to all of the new content yay!


in the latest release i keep getting this randomly and having to reverify stonehearth everytime to get it to work.

Stuck here forever i can hear the menu working in background by pressing ESC and Stonehearth is starting up a lot slower than usual. Had another guy report the exact same behavior on Youtube comments and also a friend i streamed with before. Took about 1-2 minutes now to even just launch after verified but atleast got away from the radiant logo


Release 860

Get this when i verify everytime after stuck on the logo then it works again


To reproduce this i only have to quiet the game from start menu and then get stuck again until i verify the install and it works everytime this way after shutdown it breaks again


Is there anything strange on the stonehearth.log?


had this yesterday, f5 got me past the menu


Here the log
stonehearth.log (5.4 KB)

@Wouter_Sikkema thanks f5 helps for now :slight_smile:


FYI, Humble Bundle is updated with A24 now


Question: Will stonehearth have a ‘Gamma’ phase; a phase after release where the devs continue to make updates. Think minecraft for example, which is about to get a preety huge update in the form of the update aquatic. Will stonehearth have a gamma phase, or will the team just disband after release and stop making content or gameplay systems?


My impression is that after Stonehearth, the team will move on to their next game. There were no hints dropped that SH will get support after release, and I believe DLCs were firmly dismissed. On the contrary, all the hints I’ve seen were gentle warnings that development will end soon. Community effort will probably be our best bet for long-term support of this game.