Alpha 17 Updated to develop 3000

The game prefers to use the unzipped version of stonehearth if it sees both an smod and a plain folder. If you have the game unzipped, when steam updates it will only download the new stonehearth.smod and leave your unzipped version alone. So the stonehearth.smod is newer and the unzipped folder is still the old version. Then, when the game goes to look for the stonehearth mod, it will see that an unzipped version exists and prefer that one. Since the unzipped version is the old version, you will not be running on the latest version of the game.

Hopefully that makes sense. XD

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so even though the screen shows i’m running the latest version, i’m in fact not running it? that is a bit weird but at least we know how to fix it.

Are you sure you don’t have an unzipped version? Stonehearth prefers unzipped to zipped.

should update automatically. Or you need to switch to the Beta branch.

right-click Stonehearth in Steam library -> Properties -> Beta tab -> select “latest” from dropdown.

it’s been explained in detail on this board already, so have a search if you need more info.

This has already been resolved about three messages down from the one you replied to.