Alpha 16 error with build editor

Summary: Building a wall for my town and i noticed that once a mob destroys a door it is unable to be replaced. When I tried to replace the door it bugged out the editor and makes it impossible to build. The heathlings just stand around the campfire instead of doing anything.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait until mob to destroy the door
  2. Go into build editor and replace the door.
  3. Watch to see if heathlings replace the door.

Expected Results: To be able to replace doors that mobs destroyed during a attack.

Actual Results: The build editor glitches and unable to place any door or replace the one lost.


Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:
Windows 7
Nividia GTX 960
8GB of Ram

I am not sure that you have to use the build editor to replace the door. when they break mine I just queue up another one with the carpenter and the Hearthlings will automatically (in their own sweet time) replace it. Trying to place it with the editor my be telling it to put a door where a door is already ghosted.

But looking at the picture I noticed the light string across the gap. where they originally on the door somehow? Meaning the door will not place because the lights are obstructing it.


Welcome to the forum, @Omega :slight_smile:

Has @Geokhan advice worked?

I queued up a couple of double wooden doors, how long does it take the hearthlings to place the door. I have waited 10-15mins and still having no clue whats going on. I did remove the lights though after to see if they were in the way and will report if they move it.

I was gone from Thursday through Tuesday. Hopefully everything works out.

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