Alpha 15 unstable branch - Aen Vholk Town

Hello everyone, this is my stonehearth little town. I`ll post screenshots of my hearthlings progress whenever there are significant changes.

The beginning… 02/26

I hope you enjoy! :slightly_smiling:


I had one more screenshot to post, but I am a new user so I would need to remove the first screenshot.

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hey there @John1, welcome to the discourse :smile:

cool looking town, would love to see more of it!

[quote=“John1, post:2, topic:20368, full:true”]
I had one more screenshot to post, but I am a new user so I would need to remove the first screenshot.
[/quote]i’ve bumped you up to TL1 so you should be able to upload more pics now :slightly_smiling:


Thank you @8BitCrab :smile:

This is the other screenshot… 02/26


Love the slaps roof, can’t wait to see the building without scaffolding :smiley:

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Day 15 of Dewmun… 02/27

Eating alone…

Panoramic view of the lake

A small peaceful plaza…

Inside the mansion…

With 23 hearthlings around and most of them sleeping outside I guess it is time to build more houses…

Warchief and his warband settled nearby a few days ago…

And then vanished…

Now only the undead roam the place…


Day 2 of Growmun…

To Your Majesty eyes only.

Despite of the many dangers lurking in the woods the Aen Vholk folk continue to thrive.

More than a month ago after finishing their first building they started a new and strange project - to mine the mountain in search of a spring of clear pure water for their crops.

The search was long and arduous and although they did find a spring in the end they failed to make it reach their crops. Well… at least they now have a nice river.

I believe every person deserves a place that they can call home and I guess the Aen Vholk think the same, or maybe they were tired of the mosquito bites, because as I write this I noticed their workers started another project - a building and it seems it will be even bigger than the first one, probably to accomodate the twenty guys and gals that still sleep outside.

This may take awhile…

I have noticed a very strange habit this people have. They are leaving the bodies of dead animals near the border of their settlement… maybe they believe it is a protective barrier against monsters and evil forest spirits? Or is it a tribute to the local goblins? I need more time to study this weird tradition.

2 months and the equivalent of a small forest in wood logs later the Aen Vholk still haven`t finished their project. I shall keep watching this people and as you ordered Your Majesty I will send a report should anything out of ordinary happens.

With much esteem,

Wilhelm Bantine
Ascendancy Court Anthropologist


did they managed to build it? that is very nice looking i must say


Thank you :slightly_smiling:

They are still working on it everyday, I hope they can manage it on their own.


Sorry for the delay… the hearthlings took a very long time to get the building to near completion.

However they stopped building after only a fraction of the roof remained to be built and I had to use commands to finish it.


Day 10 of Goldmun…

To the Royal Advisor Lawrence Thorne.

Dear friend may this letter find you well… Its been too long since I last visited the Capital and I miss our long conversations about the state of affairs in the kingdom. I also miss my wife and my daughter but I know I wont be able to see them, not yet. However you my friend should visit me someday here at the farthest frontier! I know you can`t leave the Capital, but still…

Anyway, I believe you know about this tribe that I have been studying for the last months, the Aen Vholk. Below youll see my last report about them. You are the only one who Im sending it to.

They aren`t simple savages that live in the woods, they built huge houses for their people, not unlike those back in the Capital. They also seem to grasp trade and advanced tools. They behave like you and me, they built houses to protect themselves from the elements, they can craft beds, chairs, tables and other commodities. They also have a very well structured society, with full time soldiers, workers, farmers and craftsmen. To me this all suggests that they came from somewhere else, far beyond our known world. Whatever mystery these people hold I will unravel it.

I hope you understand why I sent this report directly to you by now.

The last pieces of scaffolding are removed as their last building is done.

They haven`t yet moved their stuff inside the structure but I believe this is just a matter of time.

I also noticed they recently started a new project. What it is I dont know yet, but it doesnt seem to be as big as the other buildings, I could be wrong though.

From your friend and with much respect,

Wilhelm Bantine.


to bad after so long working it gets stuck on a little peace of roof. Still very amazing

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