Alpha 14 Town (Bridge Willow)

Welcome to Bridge Willow, a small lakeside town that follows a few simple rules.

  1. Respect the Bunny God.
  2. Defend your own.
  3. Try not to die horribly.

An overview of the town. The workers, farmer, trapper, and carpenter work and live on the bottom level near the lake. They have a nice path leading up to the mining area and are more than welcome to pass by the second level crafters on their way to their morning prayers at the Bunny.

Another view of the town from the upper level. The mason, Herbalist, Weaver, and Blacksmith try their best not to look down on those… below them.

The white wood homes of those with a little more prestige. Their workshops are on full display on the cliffside so they can look out over the lake as they work.

The communal dining area. The entire town gathers here to share their meals and to converse about the day to day activities. All are invited and none are shunned.

Finally, the Hearthlings place of worship. An ancient statue that is obviously a sleeping avatar of the Bunny god. Someday it will awaken and lead the hearhtlings to Bunny Valhalla… Bunhalla? Hopvalla? Who knows!

Running this on x32 bit mode (it’s the only way the game recognizes my video card)
8 Gigs of Ram
Nvidia 650m
Windows 10


Like the idea, maybe a way for the poor Hearthlings to get to the Godbunny without passing trough the rich workers street could be a little add on

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Love this - love the story behind their worshipfulness!

I am hoping they add some statues to the fox in Rayya’s Children as the Desert has become my favorite now of the two!

May your Hearthlings reach Bunnyhala in honor! (PS: Glad to see another DF fan too)

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A quick update to Bridge Willow. Most of the villager’s time has been devoted to building a small castle on the hill along with getting the footman of the town equipped the very best arms and armor… including these wonderful new blueprints for helmets that came in.

They seemed quite pleased with themselves.

Minor things to note, a cook has emerged from the rabble to join those on the bluff, along with a shepherd and her poyos…


Looking really good, nice work!


I really liked the bunny statue idea so much that I made it into an open dinning area; like eating before the gods kind of thing. Long table with chairs to the sides and one chair at the far end of table facing the statue. Braziers at each corner to light the area up.

Nice work there. :smiley:

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Haha, nice! There’s something extra cool about using the random Lore objects that Radiant has placed in the game. I’m eager to see what else they add… so i can use it.


Maybe a screenshot? Would love to see what you made

Hmm… would have to boot up that save, although it is in my AC save, which doesn’t have much. Been playing RC mainly. ><

I’ll see what I can do in a bit and update this post with my feast to the bunny gods pic. :smiley:

EDIT: Well here it is, although I was mistaken on the braziers, it is stone lanterns. In hindsight I probably should have made another row of tables and 2 head seats.

Nothing fancy, but is something simple to honor the bunny gods with a feast in their honor. And that is actually all the buildings I ever made with this save. One of which I had to ib it in. The one in back.

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perhaps you could make a new thread for it? just so we dont derail @Solus’s thread with other towns, unless he’s fine with that of course.

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Well it is only one pic, and don’t plan on continuing this save. Besides it was inspired by the bunny thing done in this particular thread. So in a way a comparison shot to the idea of where it came from.

I’ll in the future probably start a new thread when I have a town I am working on to show off. Which most likely will be RC. I do appologize for this, but seemed worthy of a pic though; Since like I said, it is a comparison to what they had in mind for the bunny statue. :slight_smile:

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I’m fine with him posting a pic. All glory to the bunny god.


Update time.

Coming towards the climax on this one! With over 20,000 networth and no creatures daring to approach the mighty Bridge Willow. They will go down in history as a true testament to the power of the Bunny god.

A shot of the upper level. The royal castle and watch towers have been completed, and now the warriors of the bunny god have a true place to rest and prepare.

Here the warriors go about their daily tasks, only the best for Bridge Willow.

A simple night shot of the castle and towers.

And of course, obligatory bunny statue shot.

I’ll probably retire this town after this and move onto a RC village, Bridge Willow treated me well (very little bugs, lots of fighting, and some fun new constructions.)