Allure and difficulty


So I was thinking… Items of better quality cost significantly more than common items (especially late game ones). Which leads to your town’s wealth skyrocketing pretty quickly. Which leads to spawning more tough enemies earlier. Which leads to normal difficulty actually becoming harder.
I can still manage it atm, and walling techniques still work, but I found myself struggling as soon as I’ve hit 19 hearthlings - struggling to actually decrease town’s wealth, consciously selling high quality items and keeping only the common ones. I doubt it is the intended effect of the new fine items system.

Currently I see three options:

  1. Decreasing overall difficulty at Normal, spawning tougher enemies later
  2. Decreasing the value of items of fine quality and higher, also postponing the arrival of orcs/kobolds
  3. Making spawning account not only for the overall city wealth, but also the number of items. (less items - postpone spawning of tough enemies)

Of course, all of these options can be used in combination.

What do you think?


Maybe control the difficult through difficult tiers. Those tiers would go up under certain circumstances, like advancing in a campaign. And could go down under others, like if you are running some festival/event in your town, it would be nice to lower the difficult while at it.


Also, I wonder. Does “Banner of Cunning” increase only the selling value of items or does it also increase overall value accounted for total town wealth?


It seems the bonus is only applied in the shops