Allied Federation of Stonehearth

We are the Allied Federation of Stonehearth, Post if you want to join our alliance!

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do we have to be an Allied Federation? i like to think of us more as a Banana Republic or a commune?

before i sign up, i have a few questions for you…

  1. are their any monthly dues?

  2. by joining, will i have access to Federation swag?

  3. can we have a better acronym? AFS! wont instill fear amongst our enemies… :smiley:

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Allied Sentinels of Stonehearth?


The acronym is A.S.S

Hmmm… what IS the cost to join? :wink:

Okay, to answer all your questions. No we don’t have to be the Allied Federation of Stonehearth. That is just the name the Twitch stream came up with. There are no Monthly dues, We don’t really have any swag yet, We can get a better acronym if you come up with one. There is NO cost to join. Does that answer all your questions?

I refuse to join your “federation” on the grounds that. I don’t like the name, lol.

You answered that as if those were serious questions.

Sounds fun :smiley:


I would like to join!

I’d buy that for a dollar

I don’t know… I think the Judean People’s Front have better dental…

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i so have a brilliant retort… :speak_no_evil:

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Umm… I will, but I might not live to regret it later