[Clan] Imperial Alliance

A new challenger has appeared! Imperial Alliance is a group promoting fun, fun, and pie :cake: the philosophy of the group is being as peaceful and co-existent as possible with all the other clans that will pop up. The goal of the group is to have fun overall, and to help newer players learn the game, as well as give challenges to those who are more seasoned :wink:

To apply, simply click ‘Join Group’ on stonehearth kingdom, or reply on this thread :sunny:

We accept anybody :grin: no need to wait for a random admin to approve :3

A strong leadership is very important. While it’s not necessarily required, your clan will suffer without it. I know of many a clan that have fallen apart due to weak, unrespected or irrelevant leadership.

and letting an admin decide who can enter and who cant is better? im afraid I dont see the friendliness of a ‘admin approved only’ clan, all I can see of that is an exclusive club

Yes. Infinitely so.

It can be every bit as friendly as any other community. Why wouldn’t it be?

That offends me, and it also suggests that you may have had bad experiences with gaming clans in the past. Most clans are very welcoming and accepting, even the organized ones. You should try to get past the notion that “organized = unfriendly”.

I’m not telling you this just to discourage you. In the end, that would just give your thread more traffic. I’m telling you this because I honestly want you to succeed. Though I disagree with your clan’s name. It’s a bit too similar to my own.

I have quite a few names I picked and chose from, and im not to fluent in latin >.> I have no idea how to even pronounce your clans name