Gaming Clan List/Recruitment

This is not making clans in games, this is naming off the clans that you think are amazing/ you enjoy being a part of. For Instance:

Planetside 2:
NC: TAS (The Ascended), VCO (Voodoo Shipping Company), CML (IDK?), PHX (Phoenix Battallion)
VS: DA (Dasanfall), AC, GOKU
TR: (shrug haven’t played long enough to know any.)

Name off any more that you think are amazing, and that you like enough to put out some advertisement for. I Personally believe that gaming can only become more fun the more people you share your experiences with, and the same view is held by most of my community (TAS).

If you also want to promote your own clan/community, then post your requirements spiel for joining:

"If you are interested in joining a multi gaming community join The Ascended [TAS]. We currently officially support 2 games. Planetside 2, and Elder Scrolls Online

We also play dozens of other games ranging from classic FPSs (TF2) to survival (DayZ), sims, strategy, to world building games like Minecraft, and Space Engineers.

TAS strives to provide a comprehensive gaming community to include casual and competitive gaming. To be an engaging platform for members to participate in online gaming while maintaining a unique and compelling environment. TAS is a pioneer in new opportunities for community expansion that strengthens our commitment to our values and to our most important asset, our members."

Also for anyone that has played Planetside 2: That Valk was me [VS630] Twitch 1:59:00

One that I was apart of was in Planetside 2. It was named the ‘Hill County Snipers’ or something similar (It’s been a looooong time).
It was only like ten people but we would basically go behind the lines and cut off incoming tanks, people, and planes headed for the hotter zones. We would do this by first camping the roads near a base, then if it had some activity we would follow it back to the base. Three would hit the base while the others stopped outgoing troops. Then we’d each take a turret and wait till people realized what happened, or a friendly tank division came and allowed us to actually claim it. Good times.

This sounds like something I could really enjoy doing! Might have to play Planetside again…

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Nice little thread. I like giving recognition to very well run, and friendly gaming clans.

The one which comes to mind for me more than any other is The Amazon Basin. It is a group I have been part of for many years and although I’m not active in any of the games any more I still pop in to say hi frequently. They are a guild which spans many games: Diablo 2, Diablo 3, Guildwars 2, Path of Exile… etc.

They have been the number one friendliest clan I’ve ever encountered and have gone out of their way to produce a natural community. I think the best credit I can give them is when I do play with them it feels like I am coming “home”. I would suggest them over all other groups I have been in.

I’m not a part of any clan, but I used to be the leader of a Cube World clan. The Adventurer’s Guild had over 300 members. It was so much fun…


I’ve got a steam group with over 40-ish members. I’m not the type to advertise, but I’d be willing to have more people join! The games we play are mainly strategy, sandbox, and rpg. The group is kind of new, but I have alot planned for it.

Here’s the steam group page: Steam Community :: Group :: The Valiance Expedition
It’s a private group but just message me (I’m Sir Valiance on steam), and I’ll be glad to have you join our ranks!

That was a while ago… When I first showed up, no one even used clans any more! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the clan started about a month before the closed alpha was released, so I already had established a decent following. I was still years behind some of the older clans though. I really just got lucky as far as timing goes.