All Ai has completely froze

I’ve been playing as the new hearthlings in the snow area which I must say is amazing. I’ve been playing for a while and my city is quite built up however everything has came to a standstill and my chef refuses to make any food so my town is just slowly starving! Is there any ways to fix this? I’ve already done

-save and reload
-reset the chef by both changing him to work and back as well as using command console reset
-took away stone oven and replaced

Upload a savegame, and we’ll fix it.

Unfortunately, it’s not letting me upload the savegame due to me being a new user :frowning:

Sorry about that! You should be able to upload things now.

1531060462919.7z (4.2 MB)

there you are :slight_smile: appreciate the help!

Looks like the problem is that the meat is inaccessible. Even though you have 5 units of meat available, they are in the forest a few terrain levels down from your town, with no path possible to them. Adding some ladders to there or queuing recipes that use other ingredients solves this.