AI running into enemies until they die

The AI needs serious improvement. There would be a big stationary enemy inbetween my villagers and the material they were trying to pick up. They have multiple paths, but the shortest is straight into the enemy, so they take that. They get attacked, run away, and then decide they need to get that material, so they walk right into the enemy again, until they are near death. They should find an alternative path if there is an enemy in the way. The game won’t be playable for me until this issue is resolved.

Side note, the herbalist isn’t actively healing enough. One villager was close to death and ended up regenerating all that health on her own while the herbalist was off doing who-knows-what.

Hi @Drew :slight_smile:

Just for clarity’s sake, what version of the game are you running at the moment?

Alpha 17, build 610, the latest stable one.

Also, though it isn’t clear from the tooltip, herbalists can only heal other hearthlings when the herbalist is awake and not eating, AND the injured hearthling is asleep. Plus there are a few things that can overrule the herbalist’s healing task, like town defense mode, or accidentally unchecking “job” in the task list for the herbalist.

Generally speaking, herbalists are terrible. Just make potions and bandages to 2nd level then switch to cleric and manually send your cleric around to be near injured hearthlings so the healing aura takes care of things. It’s a small hassle, but there’s a lot of optimization the AI doesn’t do, so you need to intercede for it.

this is currently reported as bug (multiple times)

i prefare to create zones of “don`t move in this danger zone” with tools like the harvesting tool.