AI civilizations(towns) being upgraded

  1. I would really like to see another town that isn’t a goblin camp or the skeletons graveyard, but another hearthlings civilization that progressives over time just like “my town”. They could be good or bad and would keep growing until maybe a goblin camp takes them out (or you).

  2. Going along the Goblin camp I would really like to see goblin camps growing and getting more powerful because they seem to stay the same the whole time(One time tested for 20 in game days and they never grew).

  3. Just like in Civilization 5 I would like to be able to make alliances with other AI TOWNS (check number 1) or defensive packs.



I appreciate your enthusiasm with new ideas, however the devs already have a pretty well-defined development path and set of features they are planning to build in the game. They’ve made the game pretty open to modding though, so you could certainly put your own effort into making a system like this. I think that once you start digging into the details you’d realize just how complicated it is. :wink: I’m a game designer/engineer myself with over 12 years of industry experience, it’s no trivial thing you’re asking for.

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Would be cool, god knows if we’ll see it.
Right now game is pretty badly optimised and even a medium size player’s town with 20 hearthlings can be a serious threat to CPU. Additional AI towns would make things even worse.

Okay understood i have one easy suggestion could you lower some of the prices for selling materiel or raise the price of buying item because i do this because it works I just spam a bunch of Vegetable soup and sell it and then i can buy all iron ore or comfy beds till it runs out. I just think that its stuff sells for a little much but thats probably just me i like to make the game harder and more complected.


—Rabbit clan will be coming. Growing wise probably not.

—This might get implemented,(not guaranteed) but right now the focus is on our civ/town and hearths and combat

----Yes when other towns come you will be able to Alliance with them. You can even now be Peaceful with goblins if u so choose to do so

Multiplayer is coming, And all that will be there with players to do themselves. But not till end

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Could it not be an “if statement” declaring that if the camp has been around for X days it can expand to X entity and have some pre-made entity types because isn’t that what the Goblin camps are? entity types? I’m no pro I’ve dabbled but again I’m not 100% i mean to me even that’s hard but its a lot easier than coding an almost fully autonomous AI system that is on the same basis as the player pretty much, yeah that would be asking too much :slight_smile: its cool to figure out whats possible for the game though so id love to know if that’s actually possible “quickly-ish”