Aging, it's fun

What I’m talking about

Let our non-combatant voxel people age and get old and die of old age


All people who belong to a non-combatant class would age after a certain number of days alive. Their skin would get paler and their hairs grey. This wouldn’t remove their working capacity, they can still do the same things as the other workers, but they can’t be promoted to soldiers or any other combat class

Aging would occur after several days (300 to 500) after which the aging person would change skins to a more pale look and the hairs, if any, would change to grey color.
The death by old age would occur in 100 to 200 days after the change

Combatant classes would be the exception to aging. Soldiers won’t age and won’t die of old age.


To give to us a feel that our little voxel people are more like us, living beings, and less like drones who will live forever and grab hands and sing forever young until killed by a goblin or batman

Combatant classes are an exception because most of the time, especially in pvp multiplayer games, they will be needed to travel far distances and you can’t have your army dying of old age in the middle of the way or make an incredible army and keep it in your citadel just to watch as it’s members get older and older.

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