Hearthlings Age

I would love to see the hearthlings aging so you just dont over flow on them, I know you can suspend them but i would like to see a way they can die of natural causes (Old Age).

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You’d have to play a single game for … a ridiculously long time to see hearthlings age or die. My longest playthrough has been about 18 hours of real-time, which was only about 80 days in game time. I’m not particularly interested in playing long enough to see aging effects let alone death by natural causes. I’d rather see selective breeding to create stronger offspring before I’d be interested in natural death (though the two would likely go together well).

I was watching a dev stream on which Tom was talking about idea of aging and birthing of hearthlings. He said he’s not a fan of that idea, mainly because it’s a lot of work and can cause many problems.


Plus the game’s timescale isn’t suited for it. A VERY long game currently runs to about six months of gametime. You kindof can’t have meaningful day/night cycles in a game and also have hearthling aging, for obvious reasons.

edit: for aging, infants, etc. to work you would need a LOT more endgame content, and right now we really just have midgame and early game.


They could age faster and its not like every hearthling starts as a baby! but I would like to see hearthlings breeding .

This would not be an issue if only devs would like to have this option in the game. We still don’t know what will be timescale of the final game, plus some sort of time compresion/acceleration (in most games time runs faster than in reality) could easily make it possible.

However devs already stated that this option is not planned and this means that this option will not be present.