Adjusting tile/cube build cost?

So the exploration post made me think about resource scarcity again. And there are several ways to try to drive towns to explore for resources. One is to increase cost of crafting, another is to reduce the resources gained from gathering.

Does anyone know how to adjust build cost? (Like the tiles of a building you design)

I have adjusted items resource requirements individually.
I have also figured out how to increase the amount of resources needed to build a template building.

But I would also like to increase the base cost of a block that is being built…

Would be much appreciated if anyone knows!

id rather have higher building costs
than lower ressource yields

for example, its currently totally random how much clay you get from mining earth (from what i know)
lowering that amount makes it even more annoying.

however, increasing building cost while leaving ressource yields where they are not only makes buildings more expensive (duh) and thus make building more impactful, but it also makes the right building placement MUCH MORE important (since you loose about 30% when removing buildings)

changing the formular like that SHOULD really come at last in my opinion.
what do i mean with last? i mean we should first have a bug free and clean building system before making changes like that