Add the three extra letters from the Norwegian alphabet to the font

I like to name my hearthlings after me, my family and my friends. But it ruins it a little when they have letters that’s not in the english alphabet. The letter is there but not in the right font. Can you guys please add these letters æ\Æ, ø\Ø, and å\Å

Lowercase \ Capital


That would be quite helpful for for future Norwegian/Danish translations.


The only solution we found to the non-existance of characters for foreign languages is to search for nice fonts that support those characters. But we still haven’t found one that includes all symbols for the needed alphabets :disappointed_relieved:

In the worst case, choosing a language will have to change the font accordingly.

We could always make our own font at some point :slight_smile: (That would take ages with Japanese and Chinese though)


If i knew how to make a font, i would make the letters and maybe send it to Radiant if i could

i know a font where are importants languages are included but not all (thats impossible ;)) here but it cost 370 for 2 fond (here a list what is included). perhaps this helps xD

but i think it would be the best way to take multiple fonts and when you change the language that the system use another font