Add debug option to highlight next building steps

Watching the building process of some of the more complicated blueprints available on Stonehearth Builds, hearthlings still occasionally get stuck (mainly when trying to remove the building again, but it can happen during the build, too). So far I could always solve the problem by generously placing ladders everywhere, though I think it would be helpful to have the option to highlight the block(s), that is next in the building queue, to see if pathing or a lack of ladders actually are the problem, or all settlers just decided to do something else for now.

I was thinking of an option like the “visible paths” option in the settings, definitely not on by default. The players of the Alpha could more easily finish hard builds (and know when and what to report exactly), and the devs could also more easily identify and hunt down those remaining problem cases.

Good idea? Does something like this maybe already exist?