[Ack] Where do items from caravans get placed?

Today, even though I moved my village and removed the stockpiles, this icludes moving my flag and firepi, whenever a caravan, merchant, or new person joined, they all did this at the old location. Since that location was swarming with goblins, all goods and persons were removed by them. My understanding was Your Flag and closest stockpiles to it was where this should of happned.
What good is it to move, if all your add on items and people will spawn at the old location, since villagers will seldom travel extreme distances to get things.

Moving the Camp Standard (Flag) should change where your items are dropped. I remember, because I moved my flag to the top of my castle and the items starting showing up there on the roof.

It could be a glitch in the current build–I haven’t played too much recently and experimented.


hey there @Noten … i’m temporarily changing this to a bug report, in the event others have experienced this…

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Right now the (incomplete) algorithm is this: if you have your standard set up, the goods will spawn near your standard. If you don’t have your standard set up (you undeployed it, it got stolen and burned) the goods will spawn in the center of the explored region.

This is definitely not sufficient, and we’ll revisit it when we revisit the caravan to make it not just a notification. :slight_smile: