Buying from merchant floating items

I bought items from the travelling merchant and the items bought were placed on top of my village standard.
The only way to get them down is build a ladder up to the floating items which does work.

Steps to reproduce.
Buy lots of beds at 10 a piece.
They will appear on top of the standard.

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this could be because your standard was next to your stockpile and were your stockpiles full

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its an collision error - its the same as the spawning goblins :wink: they all spawn over the firepit ^^

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this also happens when the stockpile isnt full :wink: to resolve the issue - you can create a ladder to the item xD


Easier way is to move the banner to another place. The items will fall down.


yes and no - i havent test it in this version but in the last the item has float ^^ and i will test it now with this version ^^

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Looking at your screenshot, I noticed that the items that were stuck were comfy beds.
I had the same exact issue yesterday, and it was also when I purchased about 6 comfy beds. I was able to move the flag to get the items back down to earth as suggested by @Relyss.

I’m wondering if only beds are currently getting stuck or if other items have this issues as well. Do we need to call out each type of item we can duplicate problem with?

I move the flag and the items did not fall. They just stayed floating in the air.

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So I just had the same thing happen, but had a lot of space all the way around it.

But when I built a ladder to the outside of it, they all fell.


thx for the test ^^ 20 chars

Wow, that’s a weird behavior…

And yes, there are times in which they won’t fall that easily. I remember once that my farmer plotted a field on top of my mason’s workbench, and even if I moved the workbench the field didn’t fall.

It’s probably related to what happens with goblins, as @Wiese2007 says.

Perhaps the banner should not have that huge of a collision region (the destination region it’s fine), but the firepit has 4 tall boxes on its corners…

The first items fall on top of the banner’s box, and the subsequent get affected by the height where those are?

Definitely the goblins should not spawn in the center of the firepit, no doubt why they can’t escape :expressionless:…

perhaps the firepit should a an complete collisionzone so it should resolved two issues at one:

goblins spawing and that the villagers run through the fire

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