[Ack] Unit dialogue missing

Is it normal that before alpha 2 came out I could see my citizens chat and now I do not see any text at all?
Thanks in advance for any help :smiley:
PS: Who likes the Fox model
I love keeping it as a pet, its soo amazingly made!

hey there @HyperDioxide… you don’t see any character dialogue at all? not even when first setting out?

Not at all no dialogue even when setting out.

any mods loaded, or any “edits” you may have made? :wink:

this is rather peculiar… does everything else appear to be working as expected?

I’m the same. Since Alpha 2 the only dialogue referenced is if I bring up the paper doll screen there will what they last said on that.
The dialogue window that used to be in lower right of my screen is gone. I didn’t think anything about it. I just assumed they did away with it.
And if it makes any difference I’m
Running Windows 8.1 Pro x64 16 gigs ram
Intel core i7-4771 @3.5 gig x4 with multithreading
Nvidia gforce gtx 560ti 448 core
asus maximus VI hero motherboard

Me too, I noticed the lack of logs at the right of screen. Sorry for not mentioning it before.

confirmed as well…

thanks for all the feedback folks… I’ve branched this off into its own bug report… :+1:


Sorry for replying so late did not have my computer!
and no I do not have any mods :slight_smile: nor any edits.