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I hope that there one day will come Jaffa cakes in the game
(i wiuld play the game just for them :stuck_out_tongue: )

not sure if this is a bug but i have noticed that the villagers sometimes don’t sleep in the beds or sit in chairs when eating and sometimes they will use the bed/chair then stop what they are doing then proceed to sleep/sit on the ground after getting up

My people always place one block, then bring the log to my stockpile, take another one, build one block (…). It takes a looot of time to build my walls. Anybody with the same problem?

yes sir, this has been mentioned (if not formally logged as a report), the team is aware, and have commented as much…

I believe it was actually noted in the latest DT, though my memory may be failing me slightly here…

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Do you feel this project is slipping behind schedule? It appears headed toward a 2015 Beta, as opposed to 2015 release, enough money to add what appears to be another year of development time? Did the lead programmer seriously believe that 40 hours a week was going to cut it for game development? Being your own boss can be cool, but deadline slips can slip a project straight into oblivion.

Hoping I’m wrong, but 3 months in…yikes. You guys still got a loooooooooooooooooong way to go…Good luck. I’m hoping it works out.

yes sir, without a doubt, there is a long road ahead… I don’t think anyone can dispute that… as has been mentioned, laying the foundation does take quite a bit of time, but once in place, content updates can become more fast and furious…

I think the main takeaway from the current development effort is that the game is really shaping up, and the team is delivering on the type of experience we were sold on in the campaign… whatever we see in September will be vastly superior than what we have now, and will only continue to improve as development continues…

personally, I’m just enjoying the ride! :smile:


Just to add to what @SteveAdamo has already said.

If there’s something I’ve learnt from following indie development is that time schedules do indeed slip, but the one thing I can say is that the team still seem to approach it and address us with the same amount of vigour, happiness, and openness as they did during the Kickstarter, which is a massive thing for me.

There is definitely a hell of a long road to go and we are just starting to see things slot in to place, and the core systems start to really take their shape.

I’m sure as we go forward things will start to speed up, but hey, all things are moving forward at the moment, so let’s hope it stays that way!


Fair enough. You guys would know better then me, because, you know, your the ones doing it.

I guess I’m just a little nervous, mainly because I want the game to succeed. These things are very big and complex and filled with pain and biting things. And I am hoping for the best, just I guess I should be a little more patient and see what happens.

Cheers to you good sirs, and may your code be bug-free and filled with happiness…

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@SteveAdamo and I aren’t part of the Dev team, we’re simple moderators of the forum who are contractually obliged to praise the game at every opportunity :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry you’re not alone there and your concerns are all valid, unfortunately like you said, patience is the key here. We just have to wait, see how things progress, offer feedback and opinion as the game progresses, and try to enjoy the ride.


well, i’m simple… you’re an enigma, wrapped in a puzzle… smothered in bacon grease…



Hello! I was wondering if trees will become replant able? That way people could make a tree farm near the village when it gets bigger and wont have to send their villagers across the map to get more wood.
thank you for your time :blush:

Hello there!

We haven’t had a concrete answer to this I believe, but it’s more than likely something that will be in the game:

Don’t worry though, the team have said that you shouldn’t ever run out of resources because that would be a stupid reason to have to restart :slight_smile:


Ok thank you so much :slight_smile:

Knowing that handling of save games is on the focus list at the moment… are there plans to roll-out the feature already in a way that mods can add information to save games (and load them again)?


Oooh good question, perhaps hopefully we may see a guide for how to do so in today’s DT, as we have for other new additions to modding in the past such as the mixintos and overrides.

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with any luck, there won’t be a need for a guide, as the mods will simply add their respective “pieces” to the existing savegame pipeline… :+1:

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Hey Guys :smiley: does anyone else get this problem where when you click on something it stays stuck on that and you can’t do any other commands?

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hey there @HyperDioxide… if possible, toss up a bug report over here, and use this format to help narrow down the problem… thanks!

Bug report template



Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



Versions and Mods:

System Information: