[Ack] Ladder issue when building decorations on colums

Hello there,

Second day on the forums, lets also keep up with the posts. Didn’t found this issue when I searched for it. This is a bug that happens when you have a villager removing or placing a decoration item on a building while a stair is build against it. Sometimes it only shows 2 entires. And as shown in the image belown it also happens 4609 times and my computer goes bad.

Not that hard to reproduce: Just get a building, maybe 2 stories, at some decorations to the colums and let them go wild. They will place the decorations items and then it will occur.

hey there @websterxsd … welcome aboard! :smile:

there seem to be a handful of ladder related bugs, so perhaps we can find another to merge this with… searches


Thanks for the report! This bug has already been fixed internally and will be part of the next patch.


That’s always the best thing to hear, great job!