[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.2 - Out now!


Is it just me or are the monster encounters really, really difficult now? Not sure if it’s the base game or ACE, but Chief sent a raiding party at me of 6+ goblins and I ended up having to console command destroy them since three footmen and a cleric still couldn’t take them down.


Hi guys!

I really appreciate the work in making the game even better and I can’t wait to get into it, but is there a list of detailed features somewhere so I know which mods ACE replaces?
For example the post mentioned setting up patrols so I’m assuming I don’t need the patrol points mod anymore?
I checked the other ACE post too but couldn’t find anything on this

Thanks for the hard work guys!


Join our Discord Server! You’ll definitely find work there :merry: Thank you so much!

We have not changed anything related to monster difficult or encounter difficult. And I don’t recall it being changed so recently in the base game either. Are you using any other mods? Have you noticed if enemies “piled up” before attacking (like got stuck in a place they couldn’t get to you, etc…)?

Well, we did list the ones that have pretty much almost the same functionality - but indeed there are others with similar applications that are not needed anymore either. Patrol Points is an example and I guess there would be overlaps with some other mods like: Better Storage, Armis Maximus, Fortify… I’ll add more if I remember!


Pushed a small update so people can enjoy ACE a bit more over the holidays. :christmas_tree: :jubilant::sparkles:

ACE Pre-Release 0.9.1


  • Sweet Dough, cooking ingredient
  • Sugar Loaf & Panettone, foods (Happy holidays!)
  • Hotkey support for most of ACE’s new commands. No hotkeys have been set - but you can set them in the Settings!


  • Updated German translation
  • Title image doesn’t highlight the expression “Known Issues” anymore.
  • Changed the former “Sweet Dough” to Sweet Batter. Sorry if I ruined any culinary dreams, but apparently cake is made with batter :smiley:
  • Changed “Sleeping Bag” to “Bedroll”
  • Changed the Blacksmith Hammer to have the same colors as the anvil for the iron/wood based on feedback.
  • Changed Blacksmith Furnaces (Enhanced too) to have a 4-voxel tall collision instead of 6-voxel tall. Now they fit in tunnels and you can play around with their chimneys sticking out of roofs.
  • Thatch drop rate from grass slightly increased; Hard Coal drop rate from coal veins slightly increased.
  • Improved the art for the ‘Gather and Replant’ command button art.
  • Improved the art for the ‘Prefer Bows’ and ‘Prefer Crossbows’ command buttons.


  • Removed sitting on logs for now. The idea is to have a range limiter that will prevent them from walking across the map to find a log to sit, but until that is done we just removed sitting on logs as a whole.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Firepit from accepting Bundle o’ Firewood as fuel.
  • Fixed an issue where brown coal or peat would become charcoal in the Firepit. Now only logs become charcoal.
  • Blacksmith Furnace and Enhanced Blacksmith Furnace models for all factions have been adjusted.
  • Fixed an issue in which Northern Alliance Archers would not train. They will now properly train their skill with training targets.
  • Fixed an issue in which wild poyos and wild sheep would have no loot if killed (hunted).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the new traders and merchants from showing up to the Rayya’s Children.
  • Removed Vines from the Highlands Biome generation. They were not supposed to be spawning :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Tweaked the value and rarity of certain decorations and items on merchants.

Have fun and stay warm, everyone! :jubilant: :heart:


How do I respond to this?! xD

But yeah, it has been an absolutely wonderful time, even though the majority of the things I have worked on, haven’t been added /yet/. It’s been a great time, and I really hope to be able to continue with this, or similar projects as this opens up a lot of possibilities for all of us!


thanks much appreciated


Are there any examples of how to get the irrigation to work? I see axles which transmit mechanical power, but nothing that generates or uses mechanical power. and the water pump, but no pipes.


Ignore mechanical power for now, that’s currently disabled with the connection service. The pumps don’t require power and can simply be enabled to pump water up from their lower voxel out the top of their top voxel. Dig/build channels and place pumps appropriately to move water around.


In addition to the desert, as @DaniAngione mentioned, the rating in a trapping zone scales based on what type of zone it is. If it’s a small critters zone (the lowest level), you get a multiplier boost to the rating, so you don’t need as many trees for it to be nice and green. For big game, you’ll need a lot more trees/wild stuff to reach it.


I tried the new ACE mod.

Feels wonderful.

I coudn’t get my characters to do any mining though (I did the usual “mine” from the harvest menu.)


I do apologize for this might be harder than it looks but when your ready with the mod, and by that I mean like all the things that you want to add, could you make it so if I want a village where I can go from normal game to ACE at will would be amazing. though I do know that it is Easier to say than to actually doing it is kind of stupid of me to assume. By the way having lots of fun playing Thanks


Interesting :thinking: we didn’t really change anything that could affect that. Any other mods? Are the mining zones accessible and not in “suspend” mode? Could you provide a save file, please? :slight_smile:

Heya! Thank you for the kind words! As for that idea, I am afraid it is near-impossible. You can start a game without ACE and then add it, probably, but your world will be lacking most of ACE’s new things since they are generated on world spawn - and if you remove it afterwards, everything that was ACE related will disappear and break the game a little and this is unfortunately something that there is no way around :frowning:


Okay i See thanks for the answer take care and thanks for the hard work.


I looked everywhere, no coal vein :expressionless: dug through rocks and even sent a footman out so i can see the other rock mountains in better light. No luck. Got other smaller coal from just mining here and there, but no hunk o Hard Coal…. :’’ '((


Thank you for updating so quickly! Hope I can at least buy that hard coal from some trader soon! Also Merry Christmas!


We have an idea floating around that I have been calling “friendly strangers” in my head – it’s basically a bunch of little npcs/quests/dialogues that will show up under certain conditions to introduce certain new elements of ACE and all that without feeling like an immersion-breaking, boring tutorial. Maybe I can help with the hard coal issue through that by having it be a gift if you are not able to find it for a certain time? Just a thought, more on that in the future :slight_smile:


Do I hear quests?


Plans to “fix” on the Box O’ Vox mod are in the works. Until then I’d be nearly certain that it is quite incompatible with ACE

let it be known :smiley:


This is a good idea. I think another item needed is gift of an Archer bow talisman for Northern Alliance, because some people use the “Food for Days” loadout and they are really hindered there without being able to start any military for a really long time. Although there are more loadout choices now, which is also great! I have definitely found Hunk 'o Hard Coal from a coal vein in the Highlands, but sometimes the Coal veins are not as easy to find in the Glacier Biome.


Will do!

This is a choice, though. The Food for Days description even mentions it lacks defense. If it also included a bow - or if the player got a bow as a present - then it would be too many advantages for no disadvantage. The issue mostly stems from the fact that a bow requires a carpenter which requires a higher level blacksmith - so getting a bow with NA is much harder than a wooden sword with Ascendancy - Rayya faces a similar issue with the wooden sword, for example.

It’s different than the hard coal, though, since loadouts are conscious, player-made choices. Some of the new shops sell talismans, however (like the Training School) so you also have new/more chances of buying a bow or sword now :slight_smile: