[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.2 - Out now!


Excuse me,Is Stonehearth’s update responsible for your team?


@Arthurdes no, this was a community driven effort, so mostly no devs, though they did make some things possible uppon request (better mod support)


Great job here with ACE! Everyone who worked on this and contributed should feel very proud of this result, thank you all for donating your time and energy to give us this new experience.


I see,So not have new dev will responsible the game?
and Stonehearth 1.1 will no update after 2018?

Sorry for my broken English


No, the de’s will no longer update the game in 2019, but modders (like the ones working on ace) will probably keep making cool stuff, at least for some time :wink:


You mean the “Stable branch” which has been deleted a few days back? :joy: “Pfft, nah, we don’t need that on Github.”


Thatch is also a drop from silkweed. You should get (or at least it used to be) two pieces of thatch from five harvests.

All the seed iconics float in the air as far as I know :thinking: At least, I’ve been faithfully replicating that :joy: It’s either a long running “bug” throughout all base game seeds or a quick fix for hearthlings not carying the seeds properly if the matrix is fitting the model, I guess.


Quick question is there going to be a silver sword for Knight or no just wondering


There is one, it is called “Silver Short Sword” and is crafted by the Blacksmith.

Yes, as others mentioned, they also drop from certain shrubs and they can be found while digging grass - the first layer of blocks before you hit dirt, that is “grass”, if you dig around you’ll find thatch! Additionally, wheat counts as thatch. We might probably add a few more/easier ways to get it since it has been noted to not be so easy to get!

Heya, max! Good to see you’re well :merry: Thank you very much for the kind words and the very amazing and comprehensive piece of feedback! I’ll try to answer your points in detail!

We can improve that icon, I’m thinking maybe something similar to the universal “recycle” icon but with a tree :jubilant:

Haven’t noticed that :open_mouth: Will investigate!
And yes, those numbers bother me a bit too, I think we should round them to one decimal only :merry:

Hah! Bedrolls! That’s the word that was escaping me. I’ll change the name of the Sleeping Bag :jubilant: (I know you didn’t request that but I was feeling bad because I was sure they have another, more appropriate name but I couldn’t remember :joy:)

This is true, we did talk about it when Doktor presented the models but it looks so good that we ended up with it. I’ll talk to him and see if we can make something interesting, maybe adding a mid-level archer wolf hood (just like the NA footman has the wolf helmet) to feel consistent and be able to have that nice look :merry:

Yes, they don’t drop naturally however - herbalists can cultivate colonies out of undeployed (not harvested) mushrooms!

@paulthegreat not a bad idea :jubilant:

… maybe? :jubilant: (yes, it is)

Indeed! The Giant Bone weapons are basically the high-end of bone carving, there are more bone things coming - they just didn’t make the cut to our pre-release, unfortunately :forlorn: expect creepy/cute bone furniture!

I’ve noticed this too, I’m unsure if there’s a way for such randomization out of the box. Is there?

There seems to be something about the NA Archer and training, it’s also on the known issues - I suspect it has to do with the modified job controllers, will take a look :merry:

Interesting, haven’t thought of that :thinking: Well, for now you can always dig a voxel down as well, making sort of a “lower level” to put it - but should probably make it cave friendly nonetheless… Unsure if should just lower the collision one voxel or actually modify the models, though :thinking: Will see :merry:

I think so too, we were a bit too worried about the desert map. Consider it something being balanced :merry:

It’s not meant as a link but as highlighting - but I guess it was an unfortunate choice since I also tried clicking it myself a couple times :jubilant: Will make it white again!

Will take a look at these!

Yes, like @Amnaa pointed out, most iconic seeds are floating in the air (berry bushes or flowers, for example) - I’ve always understood it as a way to make them more noticeable since they’re usually tiny items and would get under the “view line” in stockpiles - so we just followed along this vanilla standard :merry:

Oh the horror! :jubilant: That bothers me too, will fix :merry:

Oh, and I’ll take these too! (sorry, Linda!) The new Doughs/Batter are ACE - not base game :merry: but if you thought they were base game, I’ll consider that a compliment! :jubilant: :heart:
I probably forgot to add the “_ace” when making the localization keys for the sweet dough. And about the cake using batter and not dough, that’s a little of linguistic barrier I guess, so I’m sorry about that (I thought the cake cream you prepare was a also dough, not batter :joy: )

Woo! That was a lot. Thank you very much! :merry: :sparkles:

I’ll also take the moment to reply to some reports I’ve been seeing on other sources:

Hmm… it looks like fallen tree trunks are more preferred as a place to sit and eat meals vs. the ground, so in the very early game, I now have hearthlings running VERY far away just to go eat, with no way to stop them.

I love the idea… but without a way to code in proximity as a limiter… logs as a sitting preference might need to be deprioritized for now.

Lots of people having trouble with the logs - although that is part of the known issues I can understand it can be quite annoying; The idea is indeed to have a distance limiter - it just isn’t working :jubilant: so I think I’ll hotfix/remove log sitting for now until that is in!

installed ACE-Mod via Workshop and got an Virus warning. I´ve containt it, since then no crash, bluesrceen or warnings.(Avast Free Antivirus)

That is… funny :jubilant: Anyone else experienced this? I can’t think of anything that could cause such conflict but we should be careful anyway.

Thanks all for the feedback and kind words so far! I’m glad no one’s game has exploded yet :heart: so hopefully that won’t happen! Keep the reports, suggestions and feedback coming and we’ll make ACE even better :sunny:


ok I see just short and no long got it thanks


Yes, all long swords are Footman weapons now - and short ones are for the Knight :merry: that way it’s easier to tell if a weapon belongs to the knight/footman just by their looks/name.

A lot of equipment was streamlined in the same way, you’ll notice that:

Footman have axes and long swords as one-handed weapons, hatchets (and the dagger) as off-hand weapons and axes (and the two handed sword) as two-handed weapons.

Knights have maces and short swords as one-handed weapons and polearms as two-handed weapons.


HELP!!! Cant locate Hunk o Hard Coal!! Playing Rayya’s in desert biome… can’t proceed to carpentry… Looked absolutely everywhere… :sob::sob::sob:


the hacky way i can think of is abusing the evolve component. make the item evolve it has a “evolves between X and Y time” thing in it, which means they start at different times. beyond that, as far as i know animation durations can also have a randomised time component in it?


i honestly thought this was by design, since having a forge i na cave without propper ventilation is… err, rather hazardous to your own health IRL XD (helooo there carbon monoxide and dioxide!)


should be in rocks. did you try digging down quitea bit to the rock layer and tunning around there a bit?


It drops fairly often from coal veins! Locate a coal vein and you’ll find it :merry:

Also, they’re sold by some traders… but you just reminded me that Rayya’s have their own trader campaign and I did not mix our new trader campaign into it!

So… one more for the list of fixes. Thank you!


Ok, I had an idea! I’ll make them 4-voxels tall (and modify the model just slightly) but now you can do some pretty cool things with it because the chimney sticks out 2 voxels above (they were actually 6-voxels tal, not 5 :smiley: ) so by making the collision 4, you can achieve cute things like this:

Just an example, but I can imagine some nice builds with included chimneys :3

So that one can be added to the list of fixes too :smiley:


I assume this works in macOS too :wink:

An astonishing combined effort between Team StoneHearth and ACE. It’s interesting to see the next stage after crowdfunding is DIY :grinning:

Luckily over the Christmas period (other holidays are available) I will be able to find time to rewrite my uncharitable StoneHearth review into something rather more suitable.

Many thanks to all, I’ve got my money’s worth and much more.


-adds match new forge to dani’s new forge to to do list :stuck_out_tongue: -


I want to help you , ill try to make 2d art please tell me something you need ^^