[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.2 - Out now!


I would love to see something particular from dwarf fortress - smoothing stone walls/floors. I love building underground, but its difficult to up the quality with bare stone. Maybe some way the mason could smooth a stone block to increase its value, then engrave it for a 2nd go for fair amount of work to make it even nicer? I don’t know of any other analog in the game to replace one block with another though other than the building system, so might require core changes.


You were right.
It was in Suspend Mode.

Thanks for the help.


Thank yooou!!


I played for an in-game year in the Highlands biome as Ascendancy and I have some thoughts. Before playing I was sceptical about this mod but now I think it’s a must have so congrats to the team!

There are some problems with the plant system, I can help with them if you want. Tundra plants deserve their crop versions (Violets, Daisies, Poppies, moss, tree saplings). Managing mushrooms via Herbalist gets extremely tedious in the long run, I’d make them renewable or turn them into crops as well. I think it’s better if the non-food crops (and mushrooms if they become crops) available at the beginning depend on biome, Rayya’s growing cacti and acacia saplings in the Tundra are a bit awkward, the way to mod this in is really easy, there’s a mod at my corner which is basically ready to implement.

Then there’s a problem with your new AutoAutoharvest. I am flooded with items I don’t necessarily want. Being able to pick the RRNs to be autoharvested is an important feature if you ask me, so I’ll try to redo my Autoharvest mod so it works with ACE AutoAutoharvest.

And the problem with both vanilla and ACE is the Cook requiring increasing amount of micromanagement with each extension of the recipe list. I have all the best ingredients available but my lings keep complaining about the monotony of their diet because the Cook is incapable of shuffling the recipes himself and it isn’t easy to keep track of everything and watch the order queue.

One aesthetic problem I have is the Comfy Clay Bed, it doesn’t fit the Clay Bed line while Wooden and Stone beds follow the line.


Mushrooms are meant to be the standard food source for dwarves, although they obviously can be used by other factions but as a side/less efficient addition. This is intentional - all of that: mushrooms as crops, mushroom planters, renewable mushrooms, etc… will be available to the grower (the Dwarven farmer) and although other factions will be able to achieve that through questing on the mid-late game, they won’t have that much control and capabilities with fungi by default :merry:

I agree with this, but not entirely sure of the best way to deal with it. I like the idea of having only the non-food crops be biome based but, at the same time, I fancy the idea that Rayya’s children settling so far from their homeland have took their dear acacia seeds with them. So I’m not sure of how easy of a decision it is to just go and change it, would need some collective thinking/discussing

Yes, indeed the AutoHarvest is a big thing here. I won’t say much because it is mostly being worked/implemented by @paulthegreat and I’d prefer to not say something wrong :stuck_out_tongue: But I do see that either implementation has their benefits but also their issues - so I guess that maybe if changes/discussions about it were made between the two (if you guys want, of course) we could find an interesting point where ACE’s Autoharvest and its advantages can co-exist with your standalone version and its advantages should players decide to use both :slight_smile: I definitely would!

I agree with that as well - SmartCrafter does make it a bit easier (you can toggle it on in the settings menu) since now it will also craft the ingredients of ingredients - so if you order the cake it will also order not only the cake ingredients but also the ingredients of the cake ingredients (like flour for the dough); But to be honest my “dream” would be to give the Cook a special UI where you can choose the amount of food and the type of food to keep (for example: 50 vegetarian foods and 50 meat-based foods) and they would dynamically control themselves to keep these numbers and also randomly choose varied recipes that fit the types chosen. That’s a dream. It’s very remote for now, but not discarded!

We could gladly improve it :slight_smile: I personally feel a bit bothered by the frame since although it looks nice, it doesn’t match much any other clay things. I do like the mattress though! Maybe the frame could be improved to fit a bit more some other clay things (like base it on the fences, for example)?

Thank you for the feedback and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it so far! :jubilant::sparkles:


SH is a sandbox game, I don’t quite like the idea of kingdom-specific possibilities. Sure, it could be harder to achieve, but not nearly impossible. As the Herbalist has no level 5 ability, I’d add Mushroom Lore which enables crafting of renewable mushroom planters which drop baskets of mushroom with a chance of getting a placeable specimen or colony (basically an equivalent of a berry bush). Could have long growth times to make life harder.

I’d rather plant juniper trees in tundra because acacia trees don’t belong there but I have no such choice, I have to farm acacia saplings. For me being able to plant acacia is not a problem (I am not forced to do that), not being able to plant juniper is. My mod makes it possible to unlock crops based on both kingdom and biome, so it would be possible to enable both acacia and juniper saplings if Rayya’s arrive in the Forest or Tundra. As you wrote this is just a matter of making a choice what to enable.

I’ll see what can be done here, I’ll post screens if the result is at least a bit satisfying.

Also: doesn’t the Trapper get a bit too much bone material? I’m getting flooded with it but meat amount is OK.


Small note, Is anyone else having issues with their Herbalist healing hearthlings? Mine will still do her job and make her items but so far she isnt using any of them. Am i missing something?


release-947 (x64)[M]

…nehearth/services/server/seasons/seasons_service.lua:73: Could not find season for day 3

stack traceback: [C]: in function ‘report_error’ radiant/modules/commons.lua:58: in function <radiant/modules/commons.lua:51> [C]: in function ‘assert’ …nehearth/services/server/seasons/seasons_service.lua:73: in function ‘get_season_for_day’ …nehearth/services/server/weather/weather_service.lua:119: in function ‘_switch_weather’ …nehearth/services/server/weather/weather_service.lua:34: in function ‘_fn’ …nehearth/services/server/calendar/calendar_alarm.lua:78: in function ‘fire’ …hearth/services/server/calendar/calendar_service.lua:456: in function <…hearth/services/server/calendar/calendar_service.lua:456> [C]: in function ‘xpcall’ radiant/modules/commons.lua:67: in function ‘xpcall’ …hearth/services/server/calendar/calendar_service.lua:456: in function ‘_fire_alarms’ …hearth/services/server/calendar/calendar_service.lua:537: in function ‘_on_event_loop’ …hearth/services/server/calendar/calendar_service.lua:58: in function <…hearth/services/server/calendar/calendar_service.lua:57> [C]: ? [C]: in function ‘trigger’ radiant/modules/events.lua:63: in function ‘_update’ radiant/server.lua:67: in function <radiant/server.lua:64>


Can you provide context? This doesn’t seem immediately related to ACE :thinking:


It just happened in Highlands one winter midnight. The weather is assigned correctly, there’s just this log.


Hmm, interesting. Might I know what is the weather it switched to?


I guess this is also the thread for bug reports?

  • Here’s one I’m not entirely sure is ACE related since I haven’t played that much vanilla 1.1:
    Hearthlings are giving me “_____ can’t find food” warnings a lot, despite having easy access to food (and in fact usually by the time I click the warning they are already eating something).

    I tend to get this warning from soldiers on patrol more often than anyone else (tho again, by the time the camera has focused on them they are already near food or eating something).

  • This one is definitely seems to be an ACE thing tho since I removed the patrol point mod before this playthrough:

release-947 (x64)[M]
…ervices/server/town_patrol/player_patrol_banners.lua:109: attempt to index local ‘banner’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
…ervices/server/town_patrol/player_patrol_banners.lua:109: in function ‘_order_party_banners’
…ervices/server/town_patrol/player_patrol_banners.lua:77: in function ‘get_ordered_banners_by_party’
…earth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_town_patrol_service.lua:38: in function ‘get_patrollable_objects’
stonehearth/ai/actions/get_patrol_route_action.lua:93: in function ‘_check_for_patrol_route’
stonehearth/ai/actions/get_patrol_route_action.lua:30: in function <stonehearth/ai/actions/get_patrol_route_action.lua:29>
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘trigger’
radiant/modules/events.lua:63: in function ‘_update’
radiant/server.lua:67: in function <radiant/server.lua:64>

There was some odd behaviour with the patrol points when I added the third squad. The first placed patrol point was looping back to one of the green squad’s nearby patrol points, but there was no way to select them. Then I tried deleting them all, only to find out the whole patrol interface was unresponsive (the buttons to add or remove points were not doing anything and no patrol points where displayed in the list, though I could manually select the points and move them ingame).
Upon deleting all the blue squad patrol points and reloading the UI with F5, everything went back to normal and all the patrol points are behaving as they should but now I get this message or this other one when I load the game:

release-947 (x64)[M]
…h/services/server/town_patrol/patrollable_object.lua:23: attempt to index field ‘_object’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
…h/services/server/town_patrol/patrollable_object.lua:23: in function <…h/services/server/town_patrol/patrollable_object.lua:22>

followed by

release-947 (x64)[M]

c++ exception: lua runtime error

stack traceback:

EDIT: Here’s a shot of the bugged patrol point, see how the blue goes to the green on the right. It just connected them right after being placed.

  • And also for a while I had this one which seems to be something with the pasture grass freaking out (it no longer pops up now that I’ve done away with said pastures).

    I noticed some extra grass spawning in the pasture at some point, but not a lot, and the animals weren’t eating most of it. I saw one sheep eat one tuft, but the rest of the animals were just slowly starving to death (I mean they would have been were it not for that one cleric on patrol who kept healing them constantly at the risk of starving to death herself).

I’d like to attach a save but it appears to exceed the size limits even when compressed. The pasture thing didn’t happen in it yet, but it has the one bugged patrol point in it.


The starving messages are from vanilla, they do seem to be a bit alarmist :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve seen them pop and then the guy finds food too. :slight_smile: Not much to do about that…

As for the patrol error and the pasture errors, these indeed concern us!

Thank you very much for the reports and yes, a save-game would be great! Since it is too big, maybe you could post it in a service like Dropbox or some other download service and put the link here? If it is not asking too much, of course :slight_smile:


There are always trade-offs. The ACE version is extremely simple, virtually no overhead, easy to enable/disable across the board on a per-player basis with clear, deterministic multiplayer functionality, and should only require overriding AceRenewableResourceNodeComponent:_auto_request_harvest() to mod in other requirements. The downside is that it doesn’t do entity-specific settings. I’ll reconsider that when I have time; for now I wanted to make sure a simple and functional version of the feature made it into the initial release. One of the big issues is neutral entities in multiplayer games (and until they get moved, they remain neutral, even after harvesting, which can be confusing to players who expect their starting berry bushes to get auto-harvested). The ACE version limits auto-harvesting only to those entities you own, to prevent non-deterministic or probably-unwanted behavior.

One option for the time being for players who are auto-harvesting too many of a particular resource is to undeploy some of the entities that produce that resource.

Edit: and when I talk about determinism, I’m talking about from the perspective of the players. :stuck_out_tongue:


to come back to the whole suddenly not finding food thing, i have also noticed a noticable increase in hearthlings shouting about that, even though there is sufficient food. i suspect they should before they tripple check? (though in my case i notice it mainly with soldiers requiring medical aid in a bed who thus cant go find food…)


Doesn’t seem to matter, it now happens every midnight and all the weather types occurred earlier on without bugs.

Same here, I think they spend so much time working and restocking they don’t find enough time to eat.

Also, started getting error logs about animals trying to respond to town alarm (animation-related if I read them right) and about initiating conversations, will post logs if they happen again.


@DaniAngione my code probably requires at least one season to start on day 0.



I see… Well, I suppose spring is coming earlier this year, everyone! :jubilant:


Poles seem out of place to me so all I did was removing them, restoring the shape of a clay bed, then adding some ornamental contour.


I like it, I’d “fancify” the frame a little bit more since all beds have a big jump on the fanciness of their frames from the thatch to the comfy versions - but it looks nice